Friday, June 30, 2017

A Quilter's Memorial Service

Recently, a woman we knew died from cancer.  I knew her from the quilting guild and Hubby knew her through her husband.  This was what we saw when we entered the santuary:  every pew draped with quilts she had made.  I knew she made a lot of quilts, but thought she gave most of them away. During the service, someone said that this is a fraction of the quilts she made in her lifetime, because she did indeed give most of them away.

It was a lovely service, with readings from a story she wrote of her life for her family, and personal stories from her family.  Most of all, they talked about her rough childhood and how she overcame it and formed a lifelong desire to help other people.  One of the ways she helped was to make and donate quilts to women's groups, veterans groups, and her church.  An amazing lady, and I wish I had known her better.  She will be missed.