Monday, January 3, 2022

My Goals for 2022

Basically, my goals for 2022 are to not make any goals, at least not any sewing or quilting goals. I tried to sew a toy mouse yesterday and I got it done, but it looked like the cat had already been chewing on it by the time I finished. If I can find a giant, lighted magnifier that fits over my sewing machine, I might make some sewing goals.

I almost hate to list my 2021 goals to see how I did, but here they are:
1. Send out at least six flimsies for quilting. I sent out three quilts and since I had to quit sewing in July, that's about right.

2. Redesign quilt patterns for blocks into QAYG. I did this with two quilts, and while I like a traditionally pieced quilt better than a QAYG, it worked pretty well.

3. Have a monthly stay-at-home quilting weekend. Total fail.

4. Find that darn iron! I finally found it when I was unpacking some boxes in December. I must have repacked it when we were doing some flooring.

5. Find a way to set up my sewing table so I can see without hunching over. Another fail

6. Do something every day to keep projects moving. I'm going to consider this one done because I did it through July when my sight got too bad to continue.

7. Blog here at least once a week, even if it is just a silly picture. Note to self, start collecting some silly pictures. After my August surgery, my near vision was so much worse than before that looking at print was difficult. I could have posted a picture, but I didn't see the point if I couldn't see the words. So, Fail.

My vision is still bad, but if I enlarge the screen, I can manage for short periods. I still have one or two surgeries coming up this year and after those in 2020 and 2021, I think my goal setting should be put on hold. I'll enjoy seeing you meet your goals instead.

And here's your picture.

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  1. I'm so sorry that you've not been able to get your vision corrected. Hopefully once you finish those surgeries this year it will set you up for some type of stitching options going forward.


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