Monday, February 6, 2023

Design Wall Monday and To Do Tuesday

To Do Tuesday

Writing this late Monday night and I'm going to make this quick or I'll be late for my doctor's appointment tomorrow. I'd like to completely miss the appointment, but if I have to go, I'd rather not be late. I know that makes no sense.

This is my list from last week.  I thought the To Do List challenge would motivate me like it used to, but it seems to have the opposite effect.  I can't seem to get motivated these days.  I really want to be out in the backyard working on my garden, if I could just get the weather to cooperate.<br/><br/>

✅ 1. Find a string block pattern or adapt a traditional block.

❌ 2. Make at least one blue string block.  I didn't do it. I don't know why.  I just didn't feel like it.

❌ 3. Cut remaining blue scraps into half square triangle blocks. There is a reason why I couldn't do this.  I need to pick out the blue pieces for the blue block before I can cut up the rest.

❌ 4. Find stash of finished hexagons. I may have to give up and wait for them to turn up on their own.

During our frigid week, I brought my sewing machine downstairs, along with a tinty table. I made the string strips on it, but it really wasn't convenient. Now that it's warm again, I need to dismantle my mobile sewing space and take everything back upstairs. That's really not a sewing To Do, but it's necessary to get to the sewing To Do's.

That will start this week's To Do List:

1. Carry sewing machine and supplies upstairs.

2. Make one blue string block.

3. Make one Crowning Glory block.

4. Make blue string block pot holder.

5. Cut remaining blue scraps into usable pieces.

6. Sort green scraps into strips and squares.

Design Wall Monday

After looking at these blocks in my sidebar for the last month, I decided to dig them out and see what it will take to finish them. After I found the box though, I couldn't remember why there were a couple of odd blocks, and a page of instructions that I didn't remember. A look back at my last posts of 2021 brought it back though. This was the second life for these blocks and I couldn't salvage enough of them for a whole quilt, so had to work in some new blocks.

I'll add my To Do List to this post tomorrow.

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  1. Hope your doctor appointment went well. I understand non-motivation - I was completely unmotivated during our cold spell. All I wanted to do was get under a blanket and eat, and this week I am trying to eat lighter! I love the blocks on your design wall - one of my favorite color combos.

  2. Nothing like having a list of things to do and not have any motivation. And I know how hard it is to force myself. Maybe if you are still in a funk why not tell yourself I'll sew for 15 minutes. Or make just 1 block. I hate when my motivation just floats away. Sometimes just one sewing session can get me back in the mood. (and sometimes not. Wow those blue and yellow blocks are spectacular.

  3. Looking good on the design wall! (Had a dr appt myself this morn BUT it's now done and out of the way for another year!). I love a good cold week to stay in and sew!

  4. Hi Marti. I do hope your doctor's appointment went well. They are a necessary evil. Having your motivation disappear seems to happen to all of us occasionally. Luckily it doesn't last too long especially when you have such pretty, cheerful blocks up on the design wall. They will make a lovely quilt when you get the needed additions done. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. Hope your week goes better and you can get your mobile studio back where it belongs. :)

  5. Some weeks are just that way. Sometimes what we should do goes on the list and not what we want to do. Hopefully this week will be better on multiple fronts. Hope the doctors visit went well.


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