Sunday, April 5, 2020

Sewing Report Time

I don't know about you, but the days are beginning to flow together and it's an effort to remember what day it is. I did get out and go through the drive up at the bank this week. I felt like I had escaped from house arrest and hoped to see someone I knew, but town was pretty quiet. I saw the Dollar General truck in the parking lot as I drove by and called Hubby to see if he wanted me to stop for toilet paper, but the lot was packed and he didn't want me in the crowd. He sent Daughter, but by the time she got there, they had sold out. A few days later a semi truck loaded with toilet paper was in an accident and caught fire. Local news coverage made it sound like a truckload of money was on fire. I can understand why people cleared the stores when the "secure in place" orders were first announced, but I don't know why the hoarding continues. Town was quiet. But it is not quiet at my house. Quite the opposite. Daughter got a job and I, or we, are babysitting the boys. Looks like I (or we) will be babysitting until it is safe for them to be in school or daycare again. There is a reason God gave me girls and not boys when we started our family. I'm not sure I will get through this with my sanity or Hubby with his patience.

Babysitting and cooking has taken a bite out of my sewing time. I have made some masks for the local nursing home, and now that the recommendation is for everyone to wear a mask when out in public, I'll be making more for us. I've heard that there is no elastic, no stretchy hair bands, no interfacing and no vacuum bags to be found at stores.

It's not all doom and gloom around here though. The purple martins and hummingbirds are back and busy. There are around twenty martins this year but only two or three hummers so far. We added a second purple martin house, a four-story apartment complex with luxury suites. I've only been able to find one of my hummingbird feeders though. I put a red shirt on each of the boys and had them stand still for a few minutes by the feeder, but the hummers never came close to them. The boys spend a lot of time outdoors when it isn't raining. They were really excited when Hubby ordered a load of road base and top soil and were soon on the top of each pile with their toy tractors and shovels.

The sewing and stash reports look good because there was activity on both, but there was no quilting going on.

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  1. Sounds like you've made good use of your stash and your Guy has inadvertently (?) create a play ground for the kiddos. Stay well and stitch on (when you can).

  2. Hi there! Yes, the days are beginning to flow together for myself as well! It’s helping that my husband is working from home now – at least I know when it’s Monday!  I’m also making masks. To deal with the shortages, I’m using binding and flannel in between two layers of cotton. Not sure if that helps….Take good care! Thank you for sharing at Paint, Quilt, Create!


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