Monday, January 23, 2023

Sugar Pie

All I accomplished this week was finishing the binding on Sugar Pie. I thought I'd take a few extra pictures to make up for it. A nearby town has a log cabin on the town square and it made a nice background.

Last Monday when I wrote my Tuesday To Do List, I was looking forward to a week of no doctor's appointments for anyone so I could get a lot done, but that didn't happen. I didn't get anything else done because Monday afternoon, I got a sudden and severe headache. Nothing I took eased the pain and by Tuesday afternoon, not only did I feel like I had been shot in the forehead, but shot through my eye with a flaming arrow. I finally gave up and went to the hospital ER Tuesday night. Since Tuesday, I have been to three doctors, and lived on pain killers, eye drops, and antibiotics. Meanwhile, my eye and eyelid have swollen so I suppose whatever it is triggered a thyroid eye disease recurrence. Dr. Google suggested cluster headaches or supraorbital neuralgia. I already had an appointment with my primary doctor for an annual exam tomorrow, so I'll run that by him and see if I can add more doctor appointments to my calendar.

Meanwhile, I've noticed that I have a couple of hours with little pain after each pain pill, so I am going to be optimistic and put a couple of things on my To Do list.

1. Make applique letters for shopping bags.

2. Sit in the dark with my eyes closed.

***Update on Tuesday morning. Or maybe I should say Eureka! I woke up without any pain this morning! I'm cautiously excited!***

After getting back from the latest doctor appointment, I've been taking it easy, half expecting the headache to hit me in the head again. And at the same time, I'm thinking of adding a few things to my To Do list, or start working on the applique. Doctor this morning said stress brings on most migraines, if it was that, so I'm trying to be very zen about doing anything. Hubby has a group of people coming over this weekend and I haven't lifted a finger around here in a week. *start fretting* No, just let them see dust. Ah yes, air in, stress out.

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  1. Let them see dust! I like it. They can go out if they don't like to see dust. I'm so glad your pain disappeared. The sugar pie is a great quilt!

  2. Marti I think you did well to finish Sugar Pie. It really is a beautiful quilt. Headaches are the absolute worse pain I think. I’m a migraine sufferer so I can surely sympathize. I think your list is perfect for this week. If you get more done great! Just think of yourself and let them see dust. You red to not stress. I’m sure they’ve had dusty houses upon occasion. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. 🤗Carol

  3. Congrats on a very pretty finish. So sorry about the headache, that sounds absolutely miserable and terrifying. There is medication for stress migraines, I had those when I was in my 30s. The medication worked well, but I had o sleep after taking it for it to work. But that was a small trade off. Hopefully you can get a few more things done this week now that you are feeling better.

  4. Gosh I hope you're feeling better today! At least you have a lovely finish to celebrate! Hope next week has much less pain!

  5. You deserve doing your own thing after the week you had. Ugh -- your description makes me glad I don't have many headaches. The eye part really got to me. Spend the week relaxing and quilting. Sounds like a perfect week.

  6. Yes the log cabin is for sure the best backdrop you could have chosen for this quilt, beautiful! Hope they discover what is causing that darned headache and you get some relief soon. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

  7. Marti I'm so sorry you have had such pain. I hope your good relief on Tuesday has lasted throughout the week. The dust will be there another day...when you are feeling better. If they don't like it, hand them your dust cloth!! LOL Sugar Pie is beautiful and the log cabin setting was perfect for the pics! Thanks for linking up at Monday Musings!


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