Sunday, January 17, 2021

Scrappy Weekend Week 3

I am giving myself a sewing weekend. The plumber was supposed to be here Saturday, but he was a no-show. That was probably a good thing as then I didn't have to deal with any distractions. I waited for him until 10:00 Saturday morning and then put a note on the door and headed up to my sewing space.

My weekend actually started Friday afternood and I thought I'd get a lot of quilting done, but I decided to try making myself an eye patch first. Since I had no pattern, it was a lot of trial and error, and a lot of scraps in the trash. I never did come up with an over the glasses design that only allowed vision from one eye. As much as I don't like the idea, I think I'll have to make a regular eyepatch. So that was a whole day wasted. Meanwhile, I thought I'd show you the progress I've made with quilting on the Scrappy Pinwheel blocks. I decided to do a meandering stitch on the square in a square blocks, but now that I've done three of them, I think the quilting may be too dense. I'll quilt a few of the pinwheels and then decide if all of these need to be tossed.

Saturday afternoon, I quilted one pinwheel and it may be okay. I'm using the walking foot on the straight lines of the strings and the free motion foot on the open spaces. I need to either do all the walking foot part first and then switch to the free motion, or set up two sewing machines to do the quilting.

Now on to the sewing reports. I don't think I spent 15 minutes in the sewing space any day this week. It was more like two or three hours every day. Some days it was just cutting strips, or trying out patterns, and of course Friday afternoon and nearly all day Saturday were spent trying to come up with an eye patch design. I spent several hours last night quilting with the ruler foot and it was a struggle. Either the center bulk of this bulk is more of a problem than I've had before, or I've forgotten how to do it easily, but today my shoulder is killing me and the quilting doesn't look good either. I won't be doing any quilting today, only piecing, or I may work on cross-stitch. The positive out of all this is that I've maintained my 100% success rate for the year. I also pulled fabric from my stash to make the backing blocks so I finally have something to show in the stash report.

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  1. It's always hard to work around physical challenges. Good for you sticking with it!

  2. Relax and give your body a refresh, take care of your shoulder. Pain is not fun.
    Keep safe.

  3. Oooh, 100% on time so far this year! I'm impressed. And down some on stash is good. I think the quilting will be fine, and I wouldn't toss those. Just keep going. If you hate it, give it away to someone who doesn't. =)

  4. When my niece was going through chemo and had double vision I made a lined tube of flannel that she could slide over her glasses. She could slide it to left or right depending on which eye needed to be covered and it was soft on the lens and on her face. I didn't worry too much about the length since it would be folded over to make shorter to fit better. The tube was not a tight fit, but not floppy either. Not sure if that makes sense, but it worked well and was relatively easy.

    1. I have done that, and just put a piece of black tape on one lens. But with the light that comes through around the edges, I can still see the "patch" and it interferes with the good vision in the other eye. Most of the time I just squeeze the bad eye shut, but after a while, my face starts hurting from the pressure and I just noticed my skin is sagging under that eye. As if I don't look bad enough already!

  5. Good job with your quilting stat! Your pinwheel and square project is lovely.
    Thank you for sharing with Patchwork & Quilts link party!

  6. Love those scrappy blocks. And your quilting fits them perfectly. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  7. Very pretty quilting on a very pretty quilt!

  8. I like the quilting you are doing in the pinwheel blocks. You made really good progress on the quilt stuff, sorry the eye patch demos didn't work out. Congrats on great stash and stitching numbers for the week.

  9. Nice job, Marti! Way to get 15+ minutes in the studio daily!!! Or maybe I should say, 15X! Cute blocks moving along on your design wall!


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